Top 5 Eurovision songs: 2019

I always loved and followed Eurovision song contest, but never, never before I fell in love with so many songs like this year.
Way too many outstanding entries. 
I  wish I could only root for Romania, but my objectivity is stronger...
I am sorry. 
It's such a battle in my heart.

Quite a few Arabic beats this year, don't you think so? 

My favorite must be Kobi Marimi (Israel) with Home
Since I discovered this song, I listened to it on repeat and I can't get enough of it.

The same happened with Farid Mammadov - Hold Me (Azerbaijan), the winner of 2013 and Giorgos Alkaios & Friends with OPA (Greece - 2010).

Although I am not sure what Kobi Marimi means with "Now I am done, I am coming home", I still relate to this song so, so, so much. 
He screams about scars, about being someone, about feeling the sun above the skin... Fighting. 
Could it be about being different? 
The voice is absolutely mesmerizing. 
Freddie Mercury? 

I am impressed. 
However, it doesn't count much because I am easily impressed. I am a very sensitive person. 
Anyhow, it appears that Israel's entry is THE one to bet on. 

Good luck, Israel!

Another favorite is Portugal's entry Telemóveis sang Conan Osiris
Is he gay? 
Or only the dancer? 
Perhaps neither. 
I love everything about this entry!  
I actually cannot decide between Conan and Kobi. 

Good luck!!!!

My third favorite is the Netherlands' entry Arcade sang by Duncan Laurence. 
I love the voice, the melody, the song... 
Although I don't relate at all with anything about this song, it could easily be the winner. 

Good luck!

The fourth favorite is Italy's entry Soldi sang by Mahmood. 
I am in love with the Italian language. 
Il ritornello (chorus which is not a proper chorus) is extremely catchy. 
It's incredible that an immigrant's son, although born in Italy from an Italian mother, was chosen to represent Michelangelo's country this year. 
The power of mass media. 

This must be the favorite not-English song this year. 

Sweden's entry, Too Late For Love performed by John Lundvik is really nice. 

Have you noticed that are only men in my top 5 songs (plus 2)? 
I realized that now!!!

Honorable mentions:

Switzerland - Luca Hänni - She Got Me 
Is that Half my age plus seven?

Russia - Sergey Lazarev - Scream

Another man: UK's entry Michael Rice with "Bigger Than Us". 
I thought he was referring to Europe, Brexit and so on. 
But no.
He's cute though.
It looks to me that this year is the first time when the United Kingdom made an effort to send

Albania - Finally a woman.
I am not broken.

Good luck to every contestant! 

Cristina G.

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